Product Description

SYPL series side stream filter adopts the principle of low-voltage electric field and high-voltage electrostatic field with superposition pulse, adjusts the signal source and unit configuration according to water quality condition, suitable for the treatment of sterilization, algae and scale removal in circulating water system and the removal of suspended matter in water.

Product Detail


Working Principle

♦ Efficient pulse low voltage electric field capture the scale ion in the water.
♦ Electric field produces excellent antiscaling function of microcrystalline, last antiscale 48 hours.
♦ Catalytic activity of strong sterilization factor, such as patent electrode produces reactive oxygen species exterminate bacteria and algae
♦ Active substances forms  formate Fe3O4 dense protective film on carbon steel water pipe wall to prevent corrosion.
♦ Suspended substance drian out by the filler, make water clean.

Only 1~3% of the water flow of the bypass treatment system is needed;
Good descaling effect
Remove rust and remove yellow water
Kill legionella bacteria with a strong pulsed electric field
Lower turbidity and run automatically

Scope of Application

1. Central air-conditioning refrigeration and cooling water system
2. Industrial cooling circulating water system
3. Refrigerating circulating water system
4. Various heat exchange system and cooling tower system
5. Boiler and heating system

Treatment Effect

a. Heat exchange surface of heat exchanger is free of scale and maintains high efficiency.
b. Total number of bacteria in cooling water is lower than the national standard.
c. No algae breeding in cooling water;
d. Kill legionella bacteria, meet international standards, prevent "legionella SARS";
e. The inner wall of carbon steel pipe gradually forms a Fe304 tight protective film to solve the problem of yellow rust water and the corrosion rate is lower than the national standard.
f. Water quality index of cooling water reaches the national water quality standard of industrial circulating cooling water (gb50050-95).

Main Function

♦ Kill water bacteria, kill legionella bacteria                     ♦ Kill algae
♦ Prevent scale and remove scale                                  ♦ Prevent equipment pipeline corrosion                 
♦ Remove suspended solids
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